Classes: Awards/Points


This is dual sanctioned, right? What classes do I sign up for?--Classes that you register for are traditional WVMBA categories. These are the categories that results are based on and awards and prizes are given to.


What about my USAC category?---Your USAC category is parallel to your WVMBA category and will be used to award you USAC points and qualification for the National Championships.


How will I be scored in USAC?---We will segment out USAC age/category results based on overall.


What if I am doing the “Just for Fun” Category?—Simply sign the waivers and go have fun.  You will follow the Orange Beginner Course. It’s a blast, have fun!


Course Markings


Pro/Expert/Cat 1 Racers will follow the BLUE Course. You will begin to see KILOMETER to go signs every kilometer starting at 20K to go. Course length is 29K.


Sport/Cat 2 Racers will follow the GREEN COURSE. You will begin to see KILOMETER to go signs every kilometer starting at 23K to go. Course length is 25K.


Beginner/Cat 3 Racers will follow the RED COURSE. You will begin to see KILOMETER to go signs every kilometer starting at 13K to go. Course length is 15K.



 Common Questions


Where is the start? Behind the registration table across the creek from the campground.


What is the start/call up procedure? We won’t get too formal, but its good practice to let the defending champions up front in their respective classes. We will line up all Pro/Experts, all Sports then all Beginners and start each class 2 minutes behind each other.


Will the start be staggered? You bet, and we extended the start to alleviate potential bottlenecks getting into the singletrack.


What if I miss the start? Don’t miss the Start. If you do, hop in at the START LINE and pedal hard. We will still score you, but won’t prorate your time. You can do that for yourself on Strava, if you want.


Where is the finish? Same place as the Start, just going in the opposite direction.


When and where are awards? At the registration area after the racers finish. Hope to have them at 3pm.


Where can I lodge a complaint? Seriously?! If you must lodge a complaint, visit our Facebook page and send us a message. Be sure to offer a detailed explanation and solutions on how to alleviate your concern(s).


Where is the food and when is it available? Food will be available at approximately 2pm at the registration area.


Is there extra food for people traveling with me that didn’t race? Yeah, kinda. The first priority is for the racers so lets make sure they get feed first, ok. After that, help yourself, but please consider kicking a few bucks to the people serving/preparing/donating the food. Some will be free, some will be for sale. Be mindful.


How can I get involved in helping with this race/these trails? Click HERE!


What if I don’t finish? Tell someone so that we aren’t looking for you and stay and hang out. Don’t run off.


What are some safety nets on the course? At the end of the Gnarly Downhill, at the back of the lake there will be VFD and EMT people. They can give you a boat ride to the front. Take a look at the map before you head out and get an idea of where you will be. The Expert and Sport riders will double back and go across the dam wall where EMT and VFD people will be stationed. So, you only ever go a few miles without seeing someone that knows something.


What do I do if I need to get help for someone? One reason we do kilometer to go signs is that it helps us be more exact in locating people that may need help. If you see someone, remember the next kilometer sign you see and tell that to one of our wonderful VFD/EMT people. You will find these fine folks at the top of the dam, at the bottom of the Gnarly downhill (See map on this board) and at the intersection of Steve’s Hill and Charlie’s Challenge (at the back of the dam).


Where is the best place to leave a water bottle/be fed? For Expert/Sport riders probably the dam wall or thereabouts. For Beginners, there isn’t really a place. Take a couple bottles with you.

Note: There is no neutral water on the course, except in the lake, and it’s not treated. So look after yourself.


What are the Awards/Payout?

Pro/Expert Women Open is $750/5 places. Pro/Expert Men Open is $750/ 5 places.

Prizes to Expert, Sport and Beginner Categories.


Do I have to be at the awards to claim my award? Yes, absolutely. Empty podiums photos look LAME. If you have a good reason to miss it, we will work with you, maybe.

Where is the best place for spectators? Oh, man. We have some good spots. For the start, we suggest standing on the dam wall and watching, or going to the first section of single track and watching that climb. After the start, grab a map (or take a photo of the map with your phone) and head up to the intersection area of Charlie’s Challenge and Boy Scout Trail. You will see riders both coming and going. The descent down to the finish straight should be a blast, and super easy to get too. Simply, there are a ton of rad spots to spectate!


Will there be a kid’s race? Yep, the kid’s race will be set up right beside the registration area and will be left up all day so that your kid can be totally tuckered out for the ride home? It’s all totally free.


Should I bring my kid, what amenities are available? You bet, bring ‘em. This is a rustic-ish nature area. We do have a bathroom, but no running water. Super great creek to play in runs through the venue, and you will find picnic tables, trails, open areas, shade, etc. Just a few miles from Charles Fork Lake, in Spencer, you will find Washington Park ,which has great playground equipment, bathrooms, water fountains—the works.


Is there cell phone coverage? Not a ton, but some.


Is there camping, and if so, is there a cost? There are a handful of electric spots that are first come first serve. Additionally, there are several specific camping spots with level lots and a fire ring, also on a first come basis. Outside of that, put a tent wherever you like, we just ask you limit your fires to designated areas.  All camping is free on race weekend. No potable water is available.


What are the lodging options? In Spencer there are a couple Bed and Breakfasts, and just outside of town is a small motel. Google can point you in the right direction. The nearest hotels will be in Ripley, WV (about 30 minutes away), in Glenville, WV (about 45-50 minutes away) or in Charleston, WV or Parkersburg, WV (each about 60 minutes away).


Where is the closest hospital? Roane General Hospital, which is located on Rt 14, just north of Spencer. The address is 200 Hospital Drive, Spencer, WV 25276.


I want to stay for a few days and ride. Can I still camp here? You bet, and for no charge. Make yourself at home. You may also want to check out the Ben’s Run Trail System.



2019 Tour de Lake Schedule

9am: Onsite Registration Opens    

11am: Kids Race                  

11:45am Staging and pre-race instructions         

12:00 PM Pro/Expert/Cat 1 Categories Start

12:02 Sport/Cat 2 Categories Start

12:04 Beginner/Cat 3 Categories Start

1:40-3:00 Riders finish       

2:00 Food is available for racers

3:00 Last rider should be finished

3:00 Awards

4:00 Course breakdown